Do you have an outstanding design for a t-shirt?

If so, when it comes to choosing colors for your t-shirt design, you’ll want to do so carefully.

To make the design really stand out, it helps to have some knowledge of the best t-shirt color combinations. 

We’ll take a look at five color combinations that perhaps you haven’t considered.

Yellow and Off-White

When it comes to pairing colors with pure white, both red and blue are better choices than yellow. Even maroon as a background allows white designs to really pop.

Because yellow and white are both so bright, they’re a strain on the eyes when paired. 

But if you steer that white to something more off-white, however, it’s much easier on the eyes. And if you play with the yellow too, you could end up with a very cool t-shirt with a retro feel. 

Blue and Blue (and More Blue)

You can create some pretty provocative designs by simply blending different shades of blue on a blue t-shirt. In fact, you can really do this with any color. It works especially well with green too.

Just be sure that the different shades of whatever color you choose have enough contrast so as not to disappear into the shirt. But not so much that you’ll cause visual discomfort to those viewing it.

Green and Gray

These two colors work much better together when the graphic is green is on a grey t-shirt. The other way around and the grey gets consumed by the green – very much like plantlife has a way of taking over in nature.

Of course, you can play with different shades of green and grey to get it just right. For example, if your design is for promoting your company, then a bright green will stand out much more effectively on a charcoal grey rather than a light grey. 

Play around with it.

Orange & Blue 

If you’ve ever taken an art class, you may have learned that orange and blue are complementary colors on the color wheel. That means, in theory, that they go well together. But once again, it depends on the gradient of the colors you choose.

Pairing a bright tangerine or neon orange with an aqua or cerulean blue could be overkill. Rather than draw a viewer in, they will be repelled.

So again, the key is in toning it down. The rule of thumb – a little orange goes a long way.

Red, Blue and Yellow

We’re not suggesting throwing the three primary colors together in a slapdash manner here. Unlike the above combination of colors, this combination is a violation of the color wheel.

But if done well – i.e. using subtly different shades of one of two of the colors – this a color combination that can really fly. It worked for Superman.

T-Shirt Color Combinations Make All the Difference

Now that you have some ideas for the best t-shirt color combinations, we encourage you to play around and maybe even come up with your own.

Once you’ve got that perfect design, be sure to shop our apparel catalogs to find the perfect canvas (in other words, t-shirt) for your work of art.