When it comes to promoting your business, you have a lot of options. For example, you can reach people on social media or use a digital billboard. However, sometimes the old-fashioned methods prove to be very effective. 

For example, while a t-shirt may not come to mind as your first way to get attention, it has been used as such since the 1960s. From printed slogans to embroidered logos, there are a lot of possibilities. 

Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why t-shirts are still one of the most effective promotional products. 

1. It’s Mobile Advertising

If you put your brand on a t-shirt, anyone who wears it will be advertising for you royalty-free. They will literally become walking, talking ambassadors for your brand without having to pay them royalties or commission. 

If you get the right people to wear your shirt – like the influencers, for example – then others will think your brand is worth knowing. 

2. They Have a Practical Use

Unlike some other forms of promotion, such as brochures or digital ads, they don’t serve many purposes beyond exactly what they are.

But a t-shirt has an advantage in this area because it’s a piece of clothing that can be worn every day. So even without the promotional aspect to it, a t-shirt can still be useful. They aren’t tossed in the bin like a print ad might be after a day or two. 

3. There Are Endless Designs

A t-shirt provides a blank canvas for whatever you might want to put on there. Whether it’s a company logo or slogan or a message that’s associated with your brand, the design possibilities are really unlimited. 

You can also change the color of a t-shirt to reflect your brand, add graphics, or even make them be reflective or glow in the dark if you want. 

4. They Can Help Employees Feel Part of The Team

Instead of selling of giving away cool promotional products, you can distribute your branded t-shirts among your employees. That way they feel part of a unit, while also extending your brand reach

T-shirts can even be used as company attire to provide a tidy and consistent look among employees, without forcing them to wear a tie. 

5. They’re Not Expensive To Produce

You won’t have to break the bank to use t-shirts as promotional products. If you keep them to one or two colors, you can print t-shirts at a reasonable rate, especially if you’re making a bulk order.

If you consider the cost of other promotional products such as USB drives and other digital gadgets, you may get the best bang for your buck by choosing tees. You don’t need batteries to run a t-shirt either.

Consider The Most Effective Promotional Products

When you’re deciding on what promotional products to use, keep in mind what the customer is most likely to hang onto. A t-shirt is a wearable item, which is a win for them, and you can brand them, which is a win for you.

To find out more about the most effective promotional products that we offer, including t-shirts, request a quote today.